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Start Date 1st NOV 2017 13:00 UTC
End Date 30th NOV 2017 23.59 UTC
(or until sold out)
Available tokens 20 million PEER TOKENS
Exchange rate 1PEER = 20c USD
Accepted currency ETH
Min transaction amount 1 PEER
Max transaction amount 20 million PEER
Compatible wallets ERC20


Start Date 1st FEB 2018 13:00 UTC
End Date 2nd MAR 2018 23.59 UTC
(or until sold out)
Available tokens 60 million PEER TOKENS
Exchange rate 1PEER = 30c-40c USD
Accepted currency ETH
Min transaction amount 1 PEER
Max transaction amount 60 million PEER
Compatible wallets ERC20

Total Token Sale Goals and Hard Caps

Total Token Sale Hard Cap $36 million (Early Backers, Pre-Sale & Crowdsale)
Max Total for Public Sale $25 million (Pre-Sale & Crowdsale)
Max Total Number of Tokens* 100 million PEER Tokens
Max Number of Tokens for Public Sale 80 million PEER Tokens
Min Public Token Sale Goal $1 million
Public Token Sale Milestone $13 million (price jumps from 30c to 40c)

*Unused and unsold tokens will be used for price stabilization and burned as needed.

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*Funds allocation may fluctuate slightly depending on the fundraiser success and milestones achieved.


Tendermint blockchain technology by design allows for the continuous minting of new tokens.

To provide a stable PEER token price growth for users, investors and shareholders we use 3 mechanisms of price stabilization.

  1. Slowing down the rate of minting when the token price drops (prevents massive price drop)
  2. Increasing the speed of minting when the price increases (prevents sharp price spikes)
  3. Burning of unused or unsold tokens

The maximum of 100 million tokens will be made available for PRE-SALE, CROWD-SALE and private sale to our backers combined. All the unsold tokens will be burned to keep the total number of tokens the same as the circulating number of tokens.

Yearly Distribution of PEER Tokens

Starting with the Platform Beta Launch, the yearly income of Tokens derived from
Tentermind Distributed Blockchain of Nodes will be allocated as follows

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Ideation, blockchain tech evaluation and research, web-services architecture.
Promoting Peerity to Early Backers at blockchain events.


Public fundraiser and launching of the alpha testnet for Peerity platform.


Peerity Is Live


The public PRE-SALE and CROWD-SALE smart contracts will accept Ethereum only.

The private pre-sale for early backers offers options in USD, BTC and ETH. If you’re interested in large token purchases, please contact [email protected].

PEER is based on ERC20 token standard, and will work with all the ERC20 compatible wallets.

The total token sale hard cap is set at $36 million (USD) and includes early backers sale, the public pre-sale and the public crowdsale of Peerity tokens (PEER).

The total number of tokens will be 100 million PEER maximum until the launch of the Platform Beta, from which point on, new tokens will be minted yearly.

The number of tokens available in the pre-sale and crowdsale combined will be maximum 80 million tokens, or $25 million (USD) raised in funds.

Unsold tokens will be burned as needed to stabilize prices and optimize PEER price growth.

In Pre-sale one PEER token will cost 20 cents (USD).

The Crowd-sale will see the price increase to 30 cents (USD) per token, and after we reach the milestone of 70 million tokens sold, the price will jump to 40 cents (USD) per PEER token.

All transactions will be performed in Ethereum according to the latest Eth-USD exchange rates.

The minimum needed for the token sale to be successful and the Peerity project to continue is $ 1 million (USD) gathered in public Pre-sale and Crowd-sale combined.

All token sale funds are held in a trusted 3rd party multisig wallet. Upon successful crowdfund completion all parties involved decide if the funds can be released to the Peerity team. If case the minimum token sale goal is not met, the funds revert to the investors as per terms of conditions of the smart contract.

You can purchase a minimum of 1 PEER token, according to the recent ETH-USD exchange rates.

There is no limit set for token sale transactions except for the amount of tokens available. (pre-sale = 20 million tokens, crowd-sale = 60 million tokens)

Yes, to buy Peerity tokens (PEER) you need Ethereum compatible wallet (ERC20 standard). You will also need Ethereum (ETH) currency to complete the smart contract purchase of Peerity token.

PEER token will be available at the Beta launch of the Peerity platform in early 2018, as per smart crowdfund contract. The exact date of Beta launch will be announced via email and social media.

The alpha version of the platform with an ‘invite only’ testnet will be launched just after the end of our Token Pre-Sale. The beta version of the platform will be launched beginning of the 2018. The live version is planned for the end of 2018.

PEER token will be available on BITREX exchange after the launch of the BETA platform in early 2018. Official PEER launch date will be announced via email and Peerity social media.

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